the visit

It's been four years since we've seen them and while a lot changes between age 7 and 11, not as much for us who are older (save a few pounds).  

Patricia at 11, York Maine - 2016

And like other visits, the time just evaporates too quickly and we scramble at the end to squeeze in a few days together. We first got together for my Father in Law's surprise 80th birthday party and after that, between their plans and our schedule, all our hopes for days at the beach and sightseeing somewhat vanished. We were able to get an evening together with good friends (more like family) in Salem, and then a late afternoon together with a walk along the York River (which presented endless portrait opportunities particularly of Patricia) followed by an opening at the George Marshall Art Gallery and dinner. From there, time speeded up and we found ourselves with but one day - a walk through Steer Swamp, a visit to Grace Oliver and Kings Beach and Fort Sewall before coming home for fish tacos, conversation and promises to not let it be four more years. Here are highlights from our visit together.