this year

At the beginning, the year ahead is wide and long & there’s a natural tendency to look ahead with hopeful eyes & a clean slate - like “this” year is going to be THE one it all happens.

salem harbor | 2018

salem harbor | 2018

In years past, my list has included a range of items I knew in advance would never happen but it felt good to lay the words down on paper. And I guess offered an out when I didn’t stay within the lane I’d outlined.

The thing that’s always been at the forefront - clarity on who I am as a person and a photographer. But I’ve learned that forging ahead with that intention only makes the prize that much more evasive for we find ourselves when we’re not looking (but living) and photography merely follows in step.

So I’ve learned over time to keep my intentions as guides (rather than end results) with a few actions that are doable.

2019 Intentions

  1. photograph more (at minimum, twice a week)

  2. create a home that feels right (window shop, research, DIY projects)

  3. explore more / sit less (something as simple as a coffee & a croissant, an afternoon walk, a sunset)

  4. take risks (yes, ask that person on the street to take their picture and find out who they are)

  5. appreciate beauty (read poetry & stoics, listen to music, visit art museums)

  6. keep moving (walk to work a few days, cycle a few mornings before work when it’s warmer)

  7. stretch (15 min yoga at home everyday and a class at least twice a week)

  8. go to bed earlier with a book instead of 24/7 news

  9. meditate/sit (Dan Harris Awakening)

  10. prioritize people that are important (write two letters a month, text the nieces every week; call the parents once a week; visit F&F as often as possible)

what’s missing?

  • Losing weight (I’d rather enjoy the ride and feel good than be 140 lbs)

  • Detailed projects (I have a loose outline for one and will trust the rest will surface)

  • Grandiose adventures (tho in truth, I have one intention to visit Newfoundland)

  • Writing - while I wrote daily for years, I haven’t in a long time; I picked up The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration as a way back.

Overall, while that which binds us be released.

Bonne Année