The second child of my first Bar Mitzvah family with the lighthearted kind and funny boy with an amazing story - a hockey game, rehearsal and a fabulous party at the arena where the Bruins practice that included a message from a player at the end of the slideshow.

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The book


The son of a Rabbi…his Bar Mitzvah. A truly special and remarkable story. One that began on Friday night with a little Rehearsal, a lot of family and friends (and congregation), continuing on for a large Havdalah and Hora at the Saturday night party and then an intimate gathering of friends at home on Sunday.

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And one of the largest books I’ve ever created with over 150 images!


A Friday at home surrounded by family and friends, laughter, games, cousin play and followed by a grand party - a large Havdalah and Hora and dizzying dancing. This is their story

sam & joseph

As if having the fortune to photograph one set of twins wasn’t enough I had another opportunity! This one was short but beautiful in photographing the entire family on Friday night before dinner. We folded in an intimate rehearsal and the greeting of family and concluded with Sunday brunch in an amazing home near Boston.

A few selections

The book


A girl - finally! And not just any girl, but the oldest of three brothers…a ballet dancer, harpist and one who’s mad about her bunny. Her story began with a mid-week Rehearsal and continued on Friday at home in the midst of a beautiful chaos and moved onto the Temple before Friday night dinner. We concluded with afternoon portraits and the Party which included the Havdalah and Hora.

abe & boaz

A day doubly special with twins; one that began with a Friday at home session both a little casual and then a little dressed, rehearsal at the temple, a little preview of the Friday dinner to come and then coverage of an amazing party.


The first Bar Mitzvah for this family is one of three (as the others follow in ensuing years). For Eitan’s documentary, we began at home - a little sports/family time outside, a snack, practicing and then looking through family pictures…then moved onto coverage of Friday night and the party on Saturday.


As this family resides close to my home, and as their tradition is somewhat flexible, in addition to a family session at home, their story covered both before and right after the ceremony and the party that evening.


For the youngest of three and this families last Bar Mitzvah, their story included an at home session with family portraits, extended family portraits before Friday night dinner and coverage of a brunch on Sunday where joyful exhaustion was evident.

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A winter Bar Mitzvah; my first actually for a person I’ve worked with on Facing History & Ourselves projects who asked me to document her oldest son’s bar mitzvah. A story that spanned a family session at home, the rehearsal and a Sunday Brunch. (and was supposed to include the Party but an untimely blizzard prevented me from getting there despite my efforts). The family session covered various aspects of the day-to-day which for a family of hockey players, a street game & lucky for me, the installation of their backyard ice rink. After, I documented practicing with Mom and ended with beautiful portraits.

A few favorities