fine art School Photography

An alternative approach to school portraiture, this is an artistic format focused on creating images that reveal the magnificence and uniqueness of your child. Created within a candid format, I stay away from the word “cheese” and do not believe in forcing a smile. Instead, I look for authenticity and natural expressions.

Unlike traditional school pictures, Fine Art School Photography is customized, personal and memorable. As it’s designed to be more enjoyable for the students, the resulting photographs are ones I believe will appeal to you in showcasing each child’s individual personality. 

With a goal to present the spirit and community within each portrait and classroom image, I’m hopeful the experience will be one that is meaningful for parents and students.

frequently asked questions

Where do you take the pictures? 

I offer two options - one is outside with a natural background of trees and greenery, the other is a fine art format with a dark grey backdrop. In both approaches, I work exclusively with natural light either in a shaded area outside, or with window light indoors. I work closely with the School to determine the best possible places for shooting; safety is my first priority, second only to ideal lighting conditions, so together will find an area that accommodates both.

What about weather?

Clouds will not deter me, unless it is extreme cloud cover. Rain will only keep me from shooting if it is intense and windy. I will make every effort to stay on schedule despite the weather. We’ve allocated a rain date as a back up and will have a better idea once we are closer to the date. 

I recommend students wear classic attire that expresses their personality. Please avoid colors of orange, green, brown and red, as well as hoodies and clothing with logos or wild patterns.

Do you have clothing suggestions?

I stirve for something natural and loose. Children standing close together and one child holding a chalk board with the Class Grade and the Teacher’s Name. 

How do you photograph class pictures?

I aim for a range of expressions - smiling, serious, silly - along with different angles (overhead, profile, three quarter, straight on). I present both color and black and white options of each image with five poses per child. Unlike other school portrait options you may have experienced, there are no options for varying backgrounds.

How many pictures are included in the Gallery

I offer three simply presented straightforward packages, A La Carte options, Digital Negatives, Cards and Class Picture add on. Pricing details are provided upfront in a Parent Packet. 

What are the package and pricing options?

I offer a simple online digital system for ordering and processing payments. There will be no forms to fill out or complicated package plans.

How do I order?

My entire system is hosted online. Proofs are released for viewing through an online link, and all orders and payments are processed online. The school does not have to worry about printed proofs, order forms, or handling/processing money. An online system takes care of everything. 

How do parents pay you? 

Participation is not required, but I will photograph every child on campus, and provide proofs for each child photographed.  If you do not want to order, there is no obligation.

Do parents have to participate?