ignite - december

Having consciously passing on this the past three months, I had a hard time choosing something to end a year that was focused on street photography; particularly as I wasn't wow'd with what I've presented. Though seeing all the flaws and mistakes now only helps strengthen that fine art of seeing (the slowing down and tuning in) it was sobering as I long to be a little further along in this genre that I remain obsessed with. However, I am  mindful that you get out of something what you put into it and in truth, I've haven't always had the drive or commitment, that necessary "need to go out every day and shoot" which is what anything worth doing takes;  it's not the end, but rather the means, the doing that gets us where we're doing. (and while i've written a little note with links to everyone below, Susan Gietka, Susan Grace Photography, Hammonton, NJ is next)

Days End, Salem | 2014

So in the end, I chose one that fits. And in lieu of linking to one to the other...I have a different idea:

Katie Suzanne- I eagerly await your whimsical take on motherhood (with boys); how you put all the pieces together the way you do is ever so clever and spot on. Thank you for making me laugh!

Susan Grace - I feel I've watched you take your ideas to a new level of artistry and conceptualization. Thank you for making me see more deeply ... and making me feel that this kind of creativity is possible.

January Skye- Your cinematic meanderings always read like a beautiful dark poem. Thank you for taking us under the veil.

Jan Madert - Thank you for your never ending ability to play with shapes and colors and composition and objects of meaning and memory.

Roxanne Bappe - Thank you for your textures and overlays which feel like a worn vintage lace tablecloth.



Wishing all your lovely talented beings in this little group the very best of endings and beginnings to come.