a year of clients - 2014

Confucius said "Wherever you go, go with all your heart" ... so I do. I give deeply and willingly and honestly and lovingly. Photographing for clients allows me to show them how exceptionally brilliant their life is ... the little importunate moments, the silly nothing exceptional yet magical moments and those everything in between.

As the most touching & gratifying for me, are those I get to work with year after year, I am thankful for any and all who find their way to me and am hopeful to expand and stretch my wings a little further this coming year as it's time, here's a little look back through 2014: ponds and prom and the joys of a hose on an early warm spring day; a breath and a laugh in new love, the simplicity of a chase and a typical summer morning on the porch; three little vignettes and family...

I continued on with Q & a year of life and a new first year of life - before, one week, one month, four months, seven months.

So wishing you all a Happy New Year - may it be filled with stories of life and love.