a photograph of prom

having never gone to a prom myself, i have an impression of junior prom as one that's exciting but carefree in the sense that it's not the "last" one; the pressure and emotions i imagine wrapped around  a senior prom are absent. instead, there is just a pure raw vibrant sensation of excitement and anticipation....in a way that's breathable. so after the portraits were taken and we were officially wrapped, i saw this photograph take shape; i composed, waited, and the resulting picture turned out to be my favorite. i like what's going on here. the composition of a "v" with the daughter turning to her mom, boy to his. that split defines all that is being a teenager. though yes, they are grown and no longer need "mommy" in quite the same way, the heart is still young enough to naturally turn toward their mother who are bursting with pride & joyfulness & i'm sure a "where did the time go" running through it all. yes, this photograph holds all that emotion and meaning in it.

junior prom | marblehead, ma

& the portraits ...