that little hand

another photograph that still resides in my portfolio is one taken during a pet portrait session. at the time, i couldn't put my finger on exactly why it appealed to me other than i liked the placement of emma on a path in between day lilies that were nearly as tall as she was which tells me something about her height and her age and the time of year. i liked the soft the light and how it gradated from bright to dark, but more than anything, it was the moment of her turning around and me being in the right place at the right time. what i didn't understand at the time, was how this works as a story. some time later during a review by two documentary photographers i revere, i was shown all the other nuances like the little hand and it's gesture, and the triangle in the composition. things i naturally see but couldn't articulate.

emma & angus | 2011

so just like that, in every way, this photograph along with a few others shown below, pointed the way forward.