Casting Call for Girls

I started the Little Witches series as a response to the widespread appeal of the Salem Witches to all ages, genders and ethnicity's, and putting the commercial aspects of tourism in Salem aside, I think the attraction is to mysticism, ritual and magic. As children, most of us embraced make believe as reality, and I think the underlying allure of the Salem Witches is a longing for our childhood illusions.

As I continue on with this project, I've outlined a casting call as follows, and if you would like more information, can view the project and the full artist statement on my website.

The Call: I am looking for girls preferably between the ages of 7 and 10 who have an artist’s heart and a poet’s soul. The only requirement is a willingness to wear a witch’s hat for the entire session and to be willing to take light direction. All sessions will be held in Salem, MA and last approximately one to 1.5 hours depending on the age/needs of the children. If you know twins or triplets, I’d seriously swoon.

Attire: As the series is about the wonderment of childhood and began with a hand sewn outfit, I’m open to collaborating with each child on attire as I’m interested in how they think a witch might dress. I’m open to anything that’s inventive and creative as long as there are no logos or patterns, so tutu’s, skirts and dresses, jeans, capes, striped stockings – all are acceptable if we discuss them beforehand.

Print & Model Release: I offer one print (8x10/8x8) in exchange for your time and a signed model release.


Interested? please contact me, call 617-834-1800 or email

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