three months of bliss

the last days of white light ... a golden luminescence that begins in a long stretch to neverland and its buried gifts. i long to press rewind/play ... to dig again for the treasures i've found along the way. for despite the hooks and reels and sweat and tear of exhaustion, it is the wonderment of sand, salt and spray that catches my breath. it is the burrowing my feet into sand and shell bits, turning my face into the endless spray, dipping my toes into waters near and far. 

the tide swirl, holgate. long beach island | 2015

i've often felt a heavy heart as this season of wonderland fades, clinging onto each last moment despite the ever subtle wave of chill on the breeze. and though i will most likely pass a few tears at the magnificence of all this time held for me,  i will drink in the memories with a long deep breath and release them back. for though this time of year is perhaps the most difficult to let go of, it is because its nectar was so sweet.