into the unknown

It's hard to know what lies ahead in a world that feels upside down and flooded in a shadow of murky waters except for the weight of the long uphill climb that we've arrived at. 

I haven't ever literally shared my views as it's been a preference to tuck my truths in a cloak: the art of words can be a lovely veil to wear. But at this point in time, I am unable to weave a magical tapestry for my inside screams have become intolerable.

It's been a long year. And I've spent the majority of that year in a private heightened sense of anxiety given the circus that headlined the news. While most laughed it off as something preposterous, outlandish, improbable, I sat alert. Kind of like looking as a caged python began to chew away at the wires until it freed itself. 

And now here we are in a brand new epic unknown. Since that day, I've not known how to be within myself, let alone with others. I've not been able to write, photograph or feel any sense of possibility. Maybe unlike most, I've turned inward; searched my soul and my heart. You see in ways, I feel like my truths have been violated or somehow tangled up into knots I can't undo. It's a helpless feeling. And the only way out is through. 

I realized this weekend that we all have to find our way through together. For me, that will mean speaking my truth more plainly than I have in ways that are kind of frightening. It's easy to think about some days until that day arrives.

And that day is upon me.