at two

They say there's always a first and after spending time with this little over the first year of her life, I was sad to see this little bit of shyness with the camera that turned into more of a terror.

But once she understood it was her I was looking at (and that she could see herself), things settled down. These were taken as a make up of sorts in a special vintage dress for her Baptism; a dress and coat that was given to her Mother by a friend who wore this same outfit at her Baptism in 1950. The tailoring and well made craftsmanship of this dress with its large bow on the back, puffy sleeves and full skirt speaks to another age and time. We opted to forego anything seriously formal as these best fit her personality. For one who brings such lightness and love into the world, I can only wish her the happiest of birthdays - this year, at two.