long weekend in maine

 I had just come off of a rather stressful event project the first time I visited Maine and I will never forget the ride to there from Boston. As the miles ticked by, so did all the burden's I'd carried over many months. And by the time I arrived, I felt I'd escaped into neverland. 

Solstice Full Moon, York Maine - 2016

Our ten days in Southern Maine actually led to the decision to move. A decision that arose after a day on Ogunquit Beach . As we sat on a patio having a snack, lingering over the last bits of sunshine, a ladybug flew onto my hand and being their significance in our world, I took it as a sign of all that had been blowing through my brain. I'm not sure what it is about Maine, or the Southern part we frequent, but there is something decidedly different. The pace is a little slower, my heart is a bit more open and appreciative, and everything just feels a little simpler and softer. So we took advantage of an offer to spend a long weekend in our in-laws home and left the world for four long beautiful days. Awakening early each morning with coffee on a deck surrounded by tall trees, time on an empty beach as it wasn't yet high season, and walks along the ocean does something to a person's soul in a good way. That our short visit happened to coincide with a solstice sun and full moon was icing on the cake. I guess there's a reason for the sign as we cross over the border from New Hampshire: Maine - The Way Life Should Be.