the women's march | boston

A sea of love colored by pink hats and warm smiles. Despite the darkness on screen and the shadows many of us have felt these past months, we rose and came together in a bonded band of unity and unshakable love. 

Together we stood for peace. For compassion. For hope. For strength. For a mandate on what our country is ... and for what it is not. All ages and races and genders bearing witness in peace. It was a much needed show of strength and visibility. A beacon that will light our pathway forward. While I was part of the photography team that covered this monumental event, I often felt overwhelmed and swallowed up by the love and affection and the pride of every person I met along the way that day. The kindness and togetherness summarized by this picture of a little girl who caught my eye ... and who sat up taller and smiled wide as she hugged her dolly ... this is who we are.