End of year thoughts.

We arrive again in the frozen glaze of nature's looking glass.. And considering the chaos most of us processed and absorbed (and resisted), the ending of this year finds me feeling a bit worn.

And busy.

2017 was a hell of a year in every way.

It was a year of making my voice heard; an endeavor which requires intent and effort- writing letters, making calls, going out with the crowds when it was cold and keeping up with legislation. I've learned that while living in a democracy in our times is hard work, it's worth every moment.

 It was also year filled with another kind of work .... clients with stories to document and events - my other profession. When the two collided, it was a combination which led to difficult choices ... not being able to get to the gym  or yoga or the zen center as often as I've grown accustomed to; letting go of blogging and newsletters and website updates and social media.  Being ok with a cluttered house, a million projects on hold and apparently holiday cards which remain sitting on a table waiting for me to sent. There were many months spent literally at a computer from 6am to midnight (my husband will attest to that!)

I'll also admit that I've fallen a prey to mainlining news (a diet I don't recommend) as I simply haven't been able to shut it off (despite the moments i've been forced away were beautiful blessings) .  But I see a need this year to trim it down. The whirling dervishes will whirl as they say and the toll it's taken on my psyche is noted.

Overall, I was left with an impression of last year as one of work and news and intermittent photography and was pleasantly surprised in looking through last years  pictures to see a range of colors and shapes and faces and places. While I don't deny a need to step outside more frequently and consistently, there is proof I've actually been more than a few places.

And even though most of my time in many of those places was spent in a hotel room or convention center, there were a few stolen moments (and pictures) ... where I forgot about the the day and simply took it all in while taking pictures. Here is a sample of my year in review.