first day

Why is it that the older we get, the more we struggle with time?

Me & Him | Salem Willows, 2019

Me & Him | Salem Willows, 2019

What used to feel like a structured, manageable, time for everything / everything in its place span, now feels chaotic and often overwhelming even without having kids or a larger family to take care of.

Is it simply more chaotic and more cluttered between emails (work and personal), social media, projects (work and personal), digital vs analogue, cell phones, more people, more traffic, more time to get between here and there and back again.

I don’t have answers to any of these but painfully aware of the slow evaporation of things that feed my spirit - taking pictures, exploring, music, cooking, reading a book, a cup of coffee in a cafe, the beach at sunrise or sunset, yoga, exercise etc.

Certainly there are additions that weren’t in place decades ago but I’m determined to squeeze in things I’ve missed. I’ve made subtle commitments and accept imperfection. One of those was photographing more frequently for myself.

Pictures from week one.