georges island

boston harbor islands

i met my mom last week as she was visiting family who live a few hours out of boston, and it was but a train ride for us to meet. we had nothing really planned other than meet for lunch, take a walk on the waterfront and enjoy a leisurely afternoon together. after lunch, we sat on a bench watching the boats, water taxi's and ferry's come in and out and i noted that one of these days, i need to take a day and visit the boston harbor islands. my mom looked at me and said why not today ....

View of Boston from George's Island | 2014

tho we had no idea of the history of george's island (the one we visited), the fort or "lady in black" ghost story (which i may have to explore at some point) -  we enjoyed a ride filled with warmth, a mix of silence and conversation, clear skies, beautiful puffs of clouds and the island. though different from the excursions to vashon or bainbridge island in washington state, the experience of feeling lost in a different time and space were the same. so close, yet so far away. these are my impressions.