in one breath ...

In writing my newsletter this month i see how in a blink of an eye we've shifted seasons and a realization that it's been some time since i've shared anything here (my blog) or there (newsletter) or anywhere (pick your social media poison); in lieu of repeating my words in the newsletter, it's been a time to step back and take a breath. to withdraw and immerse. to reassess and shift; but, as time marches onward, here we are, one month later.

Girl with Sheep, 2014 | Columbia County Fair, NY

While stepping away for an extended time can be nourishing, for me, it can also prove a little tricky on reentry with so many rich experiences, where does one begin. How do I restart the momentum. With what?

I've chosen to begin where i left off ... the end of the beginning in every way which is how this photograph makes me feel - a beautiful longing, a deep sigh, a reverent love, a need to make photographs so filled with emotion, they linger on.