capra diem farm

about a month ago, one of my facebook friends shared a video of a nigerian dwarf kid goat and i think i watched that video like ten times. to say i have been obsessed with them since is no exaggeration. i break out in a big smile both outside and in every time i think of them. so - after a little search and compiling a list of goat farms in MA, i reached out. and was surprised to hear back from every farm i wrote. i have felt happily embraced and warmly welcomed and was able to visit the capra diem farm in carlisle ma a few weeks ago. though this is the very beginnings of what i feel will be a life long relationship, i wanted to share a few selections from my time with judy and her lovable and loving little goats.

goat tail, capra diem farm | carlisle ma, 2014

as i met judy at her home, i was also able to meet her wild chickens and a very special turkey named pee wee. judy was given a few wild turkey eggs a year ago and decided to try and hatch them with her hens. amazingly, of the two eggs, one hatched which is unusual; what's even more miraculous is that he has lived well past six months. pee wee looks out for the hens as evident when a hawk showed up and sat on the fence. he went into action and got all the little chickens underneath bushes and out of site. and then shooed them all into the pen. from there we went to the goat farm where i was surrounded by curious little faces. if i felt responsible and 'grown up' enough to take on this kind of responsibility (and could afford it) i would in a heartbeat. i loved them. i am crazy in love with them and i can't wait until the next visit.

in one breath ...

In writing my newsletter this month i see how in a blink of an eye we've shifted seasons and a realization that it's been some time since i've shared anything here (my blog) or there (newsletter) or anywhere (pick your social media poison); in lieu of repeating my words in the newsletter, it's been a time to step back and take a breath. to withdraw and immerse. to reassess and shift; but, as time marches onward, here we are, one month later.

Girl with Sheep, 2014 | Columbia County Fair, NY

While stepping away for an extended time can be nourishing, for me, it can also prove a little tricky on reentry with so many rich experiences, where does one begin. How do I restart the momentum. With what?

I've chosen to begin where i left off ... the end of the beginning in every way which is how this photograph makes me feel - a beautiful longing, a deep sigh, a reverent love, a need to make photographs so filled with emotion, they linger on.