and then there were two

Sometimes miracles come in pairs. ~ Richard Branson

and indeed they do and they did! despite the different personalities and meanderings - one liking to be held, one preferring to be free - they are bound together into one beautiful little bundle that moves and meanders like a happy whistling stream in the summer. fascinating and fast moving session for this family of four (+golden retriever) whom i'd met years ago at a wedding (the then best man). so it was a welcome reunion of sorts of a different kind. double the everything!

in learning a little about the day-to-day goings and comings, l learned that sunday mornings are family time on the bed - just connecting, laughing and being together - and tho tricky to obtain with two fast moving faces and a dog who was otherwise engaged, it made for a lovely portrait. in addition, we integrated a little bit of what life looks and feels like right now ... on the floor, in the high chairs, and a little outside thanks to a warmish sunday morning and honing in on the peeking, the crawling, the laughing and the movement (two girls at one year old in full exploration) ... in a word - wonderment.