Early Fall Bar Mitzvah | Marblehead

“September was a thirty-days long goodbye to summer, to the season that left everybody both happy and weary of the warm, humid weather and the exhausting but thrilling adventures.” 
― Lea Malot

On a day when it felt more like late summer than early Fall with warm winds and a full moon high in the sky. A boy, basketball, his best friend, a sister he adores (though wouldn’t ever admit it) and parents who are in lock step with their children. That’s where we began with this family on a beautiful warm early Fall evening outside over a game of basketball. They shared stories and exchanged affectionate humor. There was a lot of laughing (and eye rolling in jest) and a studied “model” pose kind of face which I personally admired during portraits. When we headed back inside and they sat on the floor immersed in conversation, time felt like a beautiful pause. The story of this family continued on the morning of the ceremony surrounded by a swirl of  grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. After a short rehearsal and portraits, I left and returned for the first emotions transitioning to lunch. We ended that evening at a brilliant Party at an art gallery complete with a DJ, dancing & Hora. As the first in this family, this is a story of emotions and expressions of gratitude and pride, of traditions new and old bound up with laughter and love. 



Service held at Temple Emanuel in Marblehead and Party at RAW Artworks in Lynn.