family documentary part one - the move

Any time I see an inquiry from my website, my heart skips I beat. Silly maybe, but I'm sincerely touched that there's a person out there in the world who took a moment to look through my work and felt moved enough to reach out. So when this particular inquiry happened to be from a documentary filmmaker, I was pretty much silenced. (which doesn't happen that often!)

Of course I immediately went to look at her films ... and discovered a kindred spirit. Her films explore deep and difficult subjects told with dignity and heart. So learning she chose me to document her family because she feels the art in what I create actually made me cry. 

As her family was in the midst of transition - moving from an apartment that's been in her husband's family for some time (as in many in his family have lived here at one time or another), the home they made together on their return from her time in Ireland where she's pursuing an MFA in film studies, the tiny space they're leaving to start a new life in their first home, she wanted this part included.

So I arrived the day of the move a few hours before they picked up the truck to document the chaos and the quiet spaces in between those. We covered a lot in a little bit of time - the last breakfast, a quiet moment on the couch, silliness and the last time in the pool, and a little when the truck arrived (which by that time, had affected the older of the two children). 

While it is always a privilege to be chosen by what is a crowded field of talent in the world today, I guess being selected by one with a learned eye and an artists heart gave me a much needed lift. So here is a selection that tells the story of moving.