lifestyle photographs in color

last year at this time i spent a week in Albuquerque photographing lifestyle images for a client's website with a shot list that spanned sports (tennis/golf), entertaining, cooking, food shopping, manicures, restaurants, church, four doggies, writing, home vignettes and portraits. it was an experience that brought me into the world of another and i feel helped me create a strong portfolio of photographs that reflect her personality and spirit.

inspire by michelle collage concept for homepage

inspire by michelle collage concept for homepage

the website is and was created by fladdap, inc. the company i'm part of with my husband.

as photographs can tell the story in ways no words or graphic illustrations can, custom photography for professionals, lifestyle writers, fitness and healthy living coaches, hair stylists, makeup artists and others who's service can be told with a story of photographs has become a growing part of our web design business.